İş Bank broke new ground in the world and entered into Xbox One. İş Bank’s application İşBox is specially designed for Xbox One console. With this application, banking transactions were being easily made through people’s fingertips. Well, what was the best way to explain banking in the game? Of course again with a game!

To make people experience İşBox, we designed a game which consists of special dance moves for banking movements. People who chose one of Transfer Boogie, Bill Funky and Rock’n Fund transactions could dance with helping Kinect technology, make their banking transactions and do miracles with joint venture. Throughout the activity day bills were in dance floor, hands were in transfer. With İşBox from 7 to 70 everyone danced sensuously the new banking movements. People who made banking transactions while playing games took a souvenir photograph instead of a receipt.

Case Video

Animation Elements




Client: İş Bankası
Agency: Tribal Worldwide İstanbul
Creative Director: Arda Erdik, Başar Bellisan
Creative Group Head: Barış Sarhan, Güldeniz Şeşen
Art Director: Furkan Şahin 
Copywriter: Alican Kılıçoğlu
Production : Büyük Ayı